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How to Attack?

Please consider this quote below,

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist. 

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Student Expert

PhD student position in Historical Geology and Palaentology

PhD student position in Historical Geology and Palaentology At the Department of Earth SciencesOrigins of Proterozoic-Cambrian photosynthetic microbiotaStarting date: Open from the closing date for applications.

Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellows in Central European Studies

The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellowships in Central European Studies enable each year two outstanding scholars to conduct research on important issues related to Central Europe at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C. The second Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellows will be appointed for a nine (9) month period from October 2011-June 2012.

Postdoctoral position: Architecture & circuit design for digital logic based on nanoelectromechanical switch devices

There is an immediate opening for a postdoctoral scientist position in the accelerator technologies group at the IBM Research – Zurich laboratory for research on nanoelectromechanical switch devices for digital logic.

Postdoctoral position: Nanoelectromechanical switch devices for logic application

There is an immediate opening for a postdoctoral research position in the nanofabrication group at the IBM Research – Zurich laboratory for research on nanoelectromechanical (NEM) switch devices for logic applications.

Fellowships to Outstanding Persons in the Field of Culture

Ministry of Culture invites applications from Indian Nationals for the award of Fellowships to Outstanding Persons in the field of Culture for the year 2010-11.

Master's and PhD grants at Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education & Research for Development

he consortium Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD-GmbH) and Latin-America Institute (LAI) implements the new programme of Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) for the promotion of academic partnerships between 'South and North'.

PhD Program in Science and Management of Climate Change

The PhD Program in Science and Management of Climate Change was established in 2007, through an agreement between the Università Ca' Foscari in Venice (Unive) and the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change (CMCC), a consortium comprising several Italian public and private research institutions.

GnackTrack | Penetration Testing Distro for Gnome Fans

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It's a SPAM... BEWARE Guys....

fromKong Liu
dateFri, Dec 24, 2010 at 6:39 PM
subjectRequesting for your partnership
hide details Dec 24 (1 day ago)

I am Mr. Kong Liu, an account officer with the Bank of Taipei, I need your assistance in a business venture and you will be paid 30% for your management fees; Contact me for details.

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Top 50 Linux Quotes of All Time

50. I develop for Linux for a living, I used to develop for DOS.
Going from DOS to Linux is like trading a glider for an F117.
-- Lawrence Foard,

49. Avoid the Gates of Hell. Use Linux.
-- unknown source

48. I've run DOOM more in the last few days than I have the last few
months. I just love debugging ;-)
(Linus Torvalds)

47. By golly, I'm beginning to think Linux really *is* the best thing since
sliced bread.
-- Vance Petree, Virginia Power

46. Linux poses a real challenge for those with a taste for late-night
hacking (and/or conversations with God).
-- Matt Welsh

45. Linux is obsolete.
-- Andrew Tanenbaum

44. Your job is being a professor and researcher: That's one hell of a good excuse for some of the brain-damages of minix. (Linus Torvalds to Andrew Tanenbaum)

43. I still maintain the point that designing a monolithic kernel in 1991 is a fundamental error. Be thankful you are not my student. You would not get a high grade for such a design :-) (Andrew Tanenbaum to Linus Torvalds)

42. We all know Linux is great... it does infinite loops in 5 seconds.
- Linus Torvalds about the superiority of Linux on the Amterdam Linux Symposium

41. People disagree with me. I just ignore them.
(Linus Torvalds, regarding the use of C++ for the Linux kernel.)

40. Some people have told me they don't think a fat penguin really embodies the grace of Linux, which just tells me they have never seen an angry penguin charging at them in excess of 100mph. They'd be a lot more careful about what they say if they had.
-- Linus Torvalds, announcing Linux v2.0

39. Other than the fact Linux has a cool name, could someone explain why should use Linux over BSD?

38. “How should I know if it works? That's what beta testers are for. I only coded it." (Attributed to Linus Torvalds, somewhere in a posting)

37. "Problem solving under linux has never been the circus that it is under AIX." (By Pete Ehlke in comp.unix.aix)

36. "Besides, I think Slackware sounds better than 'Microsoft,' don't you?" (By Patrick Volkerding)

35. "And the next time you consider complaining that running Lucid Emacs 19.05 via NFS from a remote Linux machine in Paraguay doesn't seem to get the background colors right, you'll know who to thank." (By Matt Welsh)

34. "...Deep Hack Mode--that mysterious and frightening state of consciousness where Mortal Users fear to tread." (By Matt Welsh)

33. Sigh. I like to think it's just the Linux people who want to be on the "leading edge" so bad they walk right off the precipice. (Craig E. Groeschel)

32. Microsoft Corp., concerned by the growing popularity of the free 32-bit operating system for Intel systems, Linux, has employed a number of top programmers from the underground world of virus development. Bill Gates stated yesterday: "World domination, fast -- it's either us or Linus". Mr. Torvalds was unavailable for comment ... ( (Robert Manners), in comp.os.linux.setup)

31. Who wants to remember that escape-x-alt-control-left shift-b puts you into super-edit-debug-compile mode? (Discussion in comp.os.linux.misc on the intuitiveness of commands, especially Emacs.)

30. It's a bird.. It's a plane.. No, it's KernelMan, faster than a speeding bullet, to your rescue. Doing new kernel versions in under 5 seconds flat.. (Linus, in the announcement for 1.3.27)

29. Those who don't understand Linux are doomed to reinvent it, poorly. (Unidentified source.)

28. "How do you power off this machine?" (Linus, when upgrading, and after using the machine for several months.)

27. I've discovered that using VMS is a lot like driving a nail with your head: sure, you eventually get something practical done, but it usually results in a headache and some blood loss.
(submitted by Sean A. Simpson)

26. "... being a Linux user is sort of like living in a house inhabited by a large family of carpenters and architects. Every morning when you wake up, the house is a little different. Maybe there is a new turret, or some walls have moved. Or perhaps someone has temporarily removed the floor under your bed." - Unix for Dummies, 2nd Edition (Found in the .sig of Rob Riggs)

25. If Bill Gates is the Devil then Linus Torvalds must be the Messiah. (Unknown source)

24. LILO, you've got me on my knees!
(from David Black,, with apologies to Derek and the
Dominos, and Werner Almsberger)

23. Anyone can build a fast processor. The trick is to build a fast system. (Seymour Cray)

22. We can use symlinks of course... syslogd would be a symlink to syslogp and ftpd and ircd would be linked to ftpp and ircp... and of course the point-to-point protocal paenguin. (Kevin M. Bealer, commenting on the penguin Linux logo.)

21. A multithreaded file system is only a performance hack. (Andrew Tanenbaum to Linus Torvalds)

20. I did this 'cause Linux gives me a woody. It doesn't generate revenue. (Dave '-ddt->` Taylor, announcing DOOM for Linux)

19. This message was brought to you by Linux, the free unix. Windows without the X is like making love without a partner. Sex, Drugs & Linux Rules win-nt from the people who invented edlin apples have meant trouble since eden Linux, the way to get rid of boot viruses. (By, MaDsen Wikholm)

18. Be warned that typing killall name may not have the desired effect on non-Linux systems, especially when done by a privileged user.
-- From the killall manual page

17. Only wimps use tape backup: _real_ men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it. "
--- Linus Torvalds

16. Linux is not user-friendly. It _is_ user-friendly. It is not ignorant-friendly and idiot-friendly.
---Source unknown

15. `When you say "I wrote a program that crashed Windows", people just stare at you blankly and say "Hey, I got those with the system, *for free*".' (By Linus Torvalds)

14. "If you want to travel around the world and be invited to speak at a lot of different places, just write a Unix operating system." (By Linus Torvalds)

13. "Are Linux users lemmings collectively jumping off of the cliff of reliable, well-engineered commercial software?" (By Matt Welsh)

12. "Linux: the operating system with a CLUE... Command Line User Environment". (seen in a posting in

11. “See, you not only have to be a good coder to create a system like Linux, you have to be a sneaky bastard too.” (By Linus Torvalds)

10. "What happens when you read some doc and either it doesn't answer your question or is demonstrably wrong? In Linux, you say "Linux sucks" and go read the code. In Windows/Oracle/etc you say "Windows sucks" and start banging your head against the wall."
--- Denis Vlasenko on lkml

9. " might as well skip the Xmas celebration completely, and instead sit in front of your linux computer playing with the all-new-and-improved linux kernel version." (By Linus Torvalds)

8. Linux hackers are funny people: They count the time in patchlevels. (Seen in the .sig of Gerd Knorr.)

7. Linux: the choice of a GNU generation
-- put this on Tshirts in '93\

6. "Not me, guys. I read the Bash man page each day like a Jehovah's Witness reads the Bible. No wait, the Bash man page IS the bible. Excuse me..."
(More on confusing aliases, taken from comp.os.linux.misc)

5. What's this script do?
unzip ; touch ; finger ; mount ; gasp ; yes ; umount ; sleep
Hint for the answer: not everything is computer-oriented. Sometimes you're
in a sleeping bag, camping out with your girlfriend.
(Contributed by Frans van der Zande.)

4. I'm an idiot.. At least this [bug] took about 5 minutes to find.. Surely, Linus is talking about the kind of idiocy that others aspire to :-)
(Bruce Perens in response to Linus Torvalds's mailing about a kernel bug.)

3. One OS to rule them all,
One OS to find them.
One OS to call them all,
And in salvation bind them.
In the bright land of Linux,
Where the hackers play.
(J. Scott Thayer, with apologies to J.R.R.T.)

2. ...the Linux philosophy is "laugh in the face of danger". Oops. Wrong one. "Do it yourself". That's it. (by Linus)

1. We are using Linux daily to UP our productivity - so UP yours!
-- Adapted from Pat Paulsen by Joe Sloan

Friday, December 17, 2010

Linux advantages using SAMBA

Open Source - Linux is based on Open Source, and is completely legal to install it on as many computers as desired with no licence hassles whatsoever.

Rock stable operating system - Linux is very stable, a Linux machine runs several months without having to be restarted with no hangs at all.

Almost no hardware-dependecies - Linux can be used on many hardware-platforms, from an old 386-cpu up to modern supercomputers and 64-bit-cpus.

Professional filesystem - no more windows device-letters, all devices are directly integrated into the filesystem

No forced updates - updates and fixed bugs are available very fast, because new kernel-releases and new program versions become public frequently. However, if you are satisfied with your running system since it functions well, you can kepp it and don`t upgrade at all. Nobody is being forced to upgrade!

Free of viruses, malware - up to today, there are almost no Linux-viruses known, and even if you get one on a system, the danger is quite small, since infected programs are not started by root.

No secret backdoors - there are no "secret" commands that some companies just do not list in their documentation to have market-advantages. All documentation and  Linux Sourcecode is freely available for everybode at all times.

Multi User Systems - Linux is a real multi-user-operating system, which means that on one system many users can work at the same time (for example via network) using only the users own rights and privileges that started the program. Using a normal typical fileserver like Novell or Windows NT, this is impossible. Using multi-user-features it is very easy to remotely adminitrate a machine.

Ressource saving - Linux can be started with no graphical user interface, and all of its functions are still working. This makes a lot of sense especially for server-usage since those services run mainly in the background.

Modest hardware-requirements - Linux is not as ressource-hungry as other systems (ram, performance etc), a typical Linux can run on 16 MB ram as fast and performant as other systems with 64 MB ram.

Comfortable terminal-management - Linux graphics system (XWindow) works via network which means that a user can start programs on distant systems and use its graphical interface on his own computer.

Alternative desktops - users can have multiple desktops to work on, spreaded on one or more monitors, and switching the desktop is just one mouseclick away. So if you have too many open windows, it`s still easy to navigate.

System-changes with a running system - Linux doesn`t have to be restarted after system-changes, even if the configuration has changed completely! All you have to do is restart the processes (daemons). Even system-programs can be changed with running systems.

Ressource allocation - Linux not only offers you secure safety guidelines, but also user quotas monitored by the system automatically.

Internet technology - being a full-valued UNIX, it offers you all possible ways to implement Internet and Intranet. Even the most actual add-ons are available like masquerading (NAT), tunneling, IPv6, ATM and so on.

Networkcompatible - Linux can be installed and configured via a network without problems.

Cooperation with other systems - Linux can be used as file-server for Windows computers, so Novell and Windows NT can be completely replaced. In addition to that Linux can cooperate with nearly all other systems via all known network protocols.

Source from: 


In this article, I'm going to show some of what I consider to be the advantages and disadvantages of running Linux. In some cases, you may agree, and in others you may disagree. This is really written to non-technical managers or others who are just curious about what Linux may have to offer them. Many of the things I am going to say can also be applied to other open-source operating systems, such as the BSD series of UNIX distributions. First, I'll list four advantages, then four disadvantages, and present my conclusion.

Advantage #1 - Stability

If you have used other operating systems, once you have made the switch to Linux, you will notice that Linux has an edge over Windows here. I can remember rebooting Windows many times over the years, because an application crashed, and I couldn't continue working. Linux can crash also, but it is much harder to do. If an application crashes in Linux, it will usually not harm the kernel or other processes.

Advantage #2 - Free Software

Most software can be obtained without cost for Linux. For example, one thing that has kept people from Linux is the lack of office software. That has changed with Open Office, and now you can edit documents and presentations from the popular Microsoft software. The conversion isn't 100% perfect, but it has worked remarkably well in allowing me to correspond and use documents that people send me via e-mail or the web.

Advantage #3 - Runs on old hardware

If you have an old 386 or 486 laying around collecting dust, you can use this to run Linux. I remember running Linux just fine on a Pentium 100 with a 1 GB disk drive, and 16 MB of memory. One use of an old machine like that could be a file server. Just go to your computer store, buy a large hard disk (as long as your old stuff can support it), and you can make a great storage server. With all the digital pictures and movies around today, this could be a great use for Linux. Look into using Samba, a server application for Linux that allows you to make your machine share the disk as a Windows share.

Advantage #4 - Security

Linux has the advantage of the code being in the public domain. This can be a double-edged sword; while you can look at the code, and developers can fix holes rapidly, it also means hackers can find bad code. I have been very impressed with the security of Linux, and the programs that run on it. I think having the code out in the open, and the ability to fix things yourself if necessary is a big plus. Who likes to work blind? With some distributions, on installation the computer will ask you what levels of security you would like for your system. You can be very trusting, or you can be paranoid. Linux gives you this flexiblity.

Disadvantage #1 - Learning curve

I won't lie to you; Linux is going to take some time to learn. I know that our society likes to be instantly gratified. Learning Linux is definitely worth your time, but to really master it, you will need to spend some good time in front of your machine tinkering with things. Don't expect to be an expert after reading something like “Linux for Dummies”. If you are contemplating this for your company, you will need to budget some money for training and learning time.

Disadvantage #2 - Equivalent programs

While I gave the example before of an office suite of programs that is working well, there are still applications that do not exist in Linux. Thankfully, this list has become much more narrow in recent months. You will want to think carefully when you switch to Linux about what programs you currently use, and if they have Linux support for them. It may not make sense for you to switch if you are going to spend tons of time converting databases and application data.

Disadvantage #3 - More technical ability needed

You will want to make sure that you train someone in Linux really well. Alternately, you could hire someone who has experience with Linux. A good Linux administrator needs to be on hand as you start to migrate your systems over. This is a disadvantage financially, at least in the beginning. You may find over time, however, that you only need a temporary administrator to handle the routine tasks.

Disadvantage #4 - Not all hardware compatible

Some of the latest and greatest hardware that is being produced is not compatible with Linux. At least, not yet. The people that contribute program code and drivers to the Linux kernel are great at including support fairly quickly. Until that time, not everything you buy for hardware in your system may work. I've had to rely on third-party drivers and other means to make hardware like a new Ethernet card work. Eventually, the support will be built in. One thing you can do is before your purchase, ask if the hardware vendor has support for Linux. Some manufacturers do write their own Linux drivers and distribute them with your purchase, making it very easy to integrate with your existing system.


Linux is a very viable operating system for your business. While initially requiring a significant investment in training and development, your company may see the benefits of having a great, stable operating system that is a real workhorse. Linux is not only a great server, it is also a good workstation, and with the many programs available, can lower the costs of software licensing fees for you. I'd encourage you to take a look at Linux. You will be glad that you did.

Incidentally, if you are looking for professional help with Linux or a Linux consultant, please give me a call,

Name: Hidzuan Hashim 
Nickname: e1
Mobile: +

Source from:

Internship needed!!!!

During the internship period, you will be exposed to these areas:

  • Internship Duration: 4 to 6 months
  • Deploy, configure and test the software to satisfy customer requirements
  • To provide on-site technical support, training and troubleshooting for end-user
  • Responsible for new project implementation, study and analyze user
  • requirements
  • Our Missions: To provide trainee under our company Training
  • Programme to be a person who are experienced, qualified and well
  • trained personnel.
  • Requirements:
Candidate must possess or currently pursuing a Diploma or Bachelor's
Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology, Science &
Technology or equivalent.
Required skill(s):
- Computer Hardware, Windows OS, Networking.
- Preferred skill(s): System Installation, Training, Support.
- Required language(s): Bahasa Malaysia, English
- 5 Internship position(s) for duration of 3-6 month(s).

Interested candidates please send your complete Resume or Curriculum
Vitae (CV) with photo and references to:
Hostel and monthly allowance will be provided.

`Adilah bt Ahmad Fauzi
Human Resource Executive

Hasanuddin Abu Bakar
GSEC #28858
IT Security Engineer
+6017 913 1983

Sigma Rectrix Systems (M) Sdn Bhd
No.15 & 15-1, Jalan Equine 9A,
Equine Park, Bandar Putra Permai
43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor
URL             :

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It's PHISHING... plus SPAM and also SCAM.

sender-timeSent at 4:14 AM (GMT-07:00). Current time there: 1:48 AM.
dateMon, Dec 6, 2010 at 4:14 AM
subjectVery Important Updates
hide details Dec 6 (11 days ago)

We just need to verify your account before we can assure you of our new webmail secure server system. 

Account verification helps with preventing spam. Recovering account access: we will use your information to verify your identity if you ever lose access to your account.  
To prevent your account from disability, you will have to provide your login details below for verification and confirmation purpose on the new database system.
Your User’s Name:
Current Country:
Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to provide the full details above within Seven days of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.
 For more information, please read our frequently asked questions.
The Google Team.

Perhatian: Nota dibawah hanya untuk mereka yang ingin menjadi GENIUS KOMPUTER dan BISNES dengan cara yang pantas sahaja..

Salam sejahtera Hidzuan
Macam mana perkembangan bisnes Hidzuan sekarang?
Harap-harap membanggakan..
Saya tahu Hidzuan 2 3 hari ni anda tengah berserabut berfikir pasal duit..tak apa

Apa? tak dapat apa-apa hasil lagi?
Mm..tak mengapa, mungkin Hidzuan masih blur lagi..

Kenapa saya cakap Hidzuan blur?
Kerana saya berpendapat Hidzuan telah terlebih informasi, tak tahu nak mulakan yang mana..
tengok adsense nak buat, tengok affiliate pun nak buat, tengok Click Bank pun nak buat jugak..
Inilah akibatnya kalau terlalu membaca benda yang berjela-jela panjangnya, tetapi isi hanya sedikit..

Kalau nak kira modal, memang beratus malah beribu untuk dihabiskan membeli ebook-ebook untuk semua jenis
model bisnes yang ada sekarang..Kalau Hidzuan  "ushar" kat internet tu, busuk-busuk harga untuk satu ebook pun
RM30..itu kira nasib baik, kalau standard mahu menjangkau RM50 ke atas..SATU NICHE sahaja!!

Tetapi tahukah Hidzuan ada sebuah ebook yang menggabungkan semua Ilmu ini dengan panduan yang ringkas, padat dan tepat?

Cuba lihat senarai kat bawah ni

-Cara bina blog dengan blogspot PERCUMA
-Rahsia blog yang anda tidak tahu
-Cerita tentang domain/hosting
-Cara nak cari domain dan hosting free
-Cara upload file ke webhosting dengan cepat
-Cara buat form online di laman web anda
-Membuat chat box supaya rakan-rakn boleh borak kat laman web anda
-Addon dan widget untuk laman web
-Program-program yang tidak memerlukan modal tetapi memberi anda pendapatan lumayan. Ditunjukkan langkah-langkah lengkap sekali
-Banyak lagi...

Cuba anda bayangkan berapa nilai semua ilmu kat atas ni..Kalau anda serach pada google,
panduan nak buat form sahaja dah RM20, apatah lagi lain-lain panduan..

Ada lagi..

-Rahsia promosi
-Senarai yahoo groups dan google groups
-Senarai laman-laman promosi percuma
-Rahsia dan trick untung promosi di berita harian
-Cara hantar email ke beribu manusia dengan pantas
-Menjana 1 juta trafik ke laman anda
-Banyak lagi..

ILMU PENGGODAM (HACKERS)-Anda pasti terhibur!!
-Crack wireless bangunan/jiran anda/sekolah/kedai atau dimana sahaja..anda boleh berinternet dengan percuma..

-Menjana no kad kredit dan pengesahannya dengan mudah
-IRC Backdoor - buat lawak dan kawal komputer sesiapa sahaja melalui command IRC..Tak percaya? Betul
-Membina Tojan + Program Trojan + Cara Mengawal Komputer Mangsa dan Cara mengenalinya..
-Mencipta emal palsu kepada sesiapa sahaja yang anda ingingkan
-Melajukan bandwith internet anda tanpa software dan pastinya percuma
-Mencipta sms palsu kepada diri sendri atau kepada kawan2
-Langkah-langkah melayari internet dengan percuma menggunakan simcard celcom 3G
-Memecah password di dalam komputer
-Memecahkan passwrod sreamyx
-Cara membuatkan Window XP anda Genuie
-Cara Mendapatkan produk key dalam Window..Hanya 1 klik sahaja. Sesuai jika produk key hilang dan mahu format komputer semula
-Mendapatkan password YM, Window Live Mesengger dan lain-lain password di dalam komputer anda. Anda akan dapat lihat -semua password ahl keluarga atau rakan anda
-Mendapatkan password wireless yang pernah ada didalam laptop anda
-Membuat Simple DOS Attack untuk mengenakan rakan anda yang mempunyai LAN website seperti di kolej dan universiti
-Menghapuskan jejak dan log anda dengan mudah
-Membersih dan mengemaskini komputer dengan mudah serta percuma.
-Dan banyak lagi..

Saya tidak hairan mengapa sejak dari dulu Sudara Buani (penerbit ebook ini) tidak pernah putus-putus  mengiklankan
ebook beliau ini  di kerana sambutan yang diterima sangat menggalakan..

Ebook ini terlalu bernilai bagi saya dan ilmunya cukup berguna..Semua sekali ada di dalam ni

Bagi saya tak perlu Hidzuan menghabiskan beribu-ribu ringgit untuk mendapatkan semua ilmu-ilmu diatas..
Semua sudah di"package"kan menjadi satu..mudah bukan?
Lawati sekarang

Semoga Hidzuan berjaya. Saya doakan..kita kan geng..hehe

Yang Ikhlas

Mazani Zubir

Korea Selatan Miliki Internet Tercepat di Dunia..

SEOUL - Menurut analis, Korea Selatan dinilai memiliki akses internet tercepat di dunia, mencapai 12 megabits per second (Mbps).

Data dari perusahaan jaringan terbesar Akamai, yang dilansir melalui Big News Network, Jumat (30/7/2010), menemukan jika rata-rata kecepatan internet jaringan global hanya sekira 1,7 Mbps. Meskipun beberapa negara telah mengimplementasikan layanan internet tercepat.

Dalam temuan tersebut, kota Masan di Korea Selatan menduduki peringkat teratas untuk internet kecepatan tinggi dengan akses mencapai 12 Mbps. Di tempat kedua diisi oleh Hong Kong dengan kecepatan 9 Mbps, dan Jepang menyusul di posisi kedua dengan akses 7,8 Mbps.

Di posisi empat dan lima, masing-masing ditempati Romania dan Latvia dengan kecepatan yang sama, 6,3 Mbps.

Negara yang paling antusias dengan kecepatan internet broadband adalah Inggris. Namun dalam data yang dimiliki Akamai, negara tersebut menduduki posisi 27 di antara total 201 negara yang disurvei, dengan rata-rata kecepatan internet hanya 3,8 Mbps. Angka ini masih di bawah target yang dikalkulasi regulator Ofcon.

"Kecepatan 100 Mbps juga tersedia di Korea Selatan namun tarifnya belum bisa terjangkau oleh masyarakat karena mencapai ratusan dolar per bulan," ujar Kepala Marketing Akamai David Belson.

Berikut negara dengan internet tercepat di dunia,

1. South Korea 12Mbps
2. Hong Kong 9Mbps
3. Japan 7.8Mbps
4. Romania 6.3Mbps
5. Latvia 6.3Mbps
6. Sweden 6.1Mbps
7. Netherlands 5.9Mbps
8. Czech Republic 5.4Mbps
9. Denmark 5.3Mbps
10. Switzerland 5.2Mbps

Kejadian lawak di awal pengenalan Komputer

Jim Cartlon, seorang wartawan Wall Street Journal, baru-baru ini mengumpulkan keluhan dari pengguna
komputer Amerika semasa di awal era komputer.
1. Compaq pernah mempertimbangkan untuk mengubah perintah “Press ANY Key” menjadi “Press ENTER Key” kerana banyak penggunanya yang telefon yang menanyakan dimana tombol “ANY” di  keyboard. 

2. AST Technical Support menerima laporan komplen kerana kesulitan menggunakan mouse. Semasa Techincal Support datang ke rumahnya, mereka menjumpai mouse tersebut tidak boleh digunakan…  kerana masih berbungkus rapi di dalam plastiknya. Penggunanya (seorang wanita) takut dengan mouse
(tikus) sehingga tidak berani mengeluarkannya dari dalam plastik. Takut diserang mouse komputer? 

3. Di tahun 1980-an, ketika disket masih berukuran besar, Compaq pernah menerima keluhan seorang pengguna yang disketnya tidak boleh dibaca oleh drive-disk komputer. Setelah diselidiki, ternyata pengguna itu sebelumnya memasukkan disket ke dalam mesin taip dan menaip label yang tertampal di
disket itu. 

4. Sebuah keluhan lain dari pengguna AST yang mengatakan disket mereka terkena virus yang sukar dibersihkan. Petugas AST meminta orang itu mengirimkan copy disket yang terkena virus itu untuk diselidiki. Beberapa hari kemudian, petugas AST menerima fotostat disket dari pengguna tersebut. 

5. Seorang pengguna DELL mengeluh dia tidak dapat mengirimkan fax via komputer. Setelah diarahkan selama 40 minit melalui telefon, petugas DELL mendapati pengguna itu mencuba fax via komputer dengan cara memegang kertas yang akan di fax di depan monitor, sambil menekan tombol “SEND” di layar. 

6. Seorang konsumen DELL lain mengeluh karena keyboard yang digunakannya sudah tidak berfungsi sejak dibersihkan. Ketika ditanya cara ida membersihkan keyboard, dia menjelaskan, “Saya mencuci dan menggosok semua bahagian keyboard dengan sabun, dan membilasnya dengan air, lalu menjemurnya.”

7. Seorang pengguna DELL marah-marah kerana tidak boleh menyalakan komputer yang baru dibelinya. “Semua sudah terpasang dengan baik.Tapi setiap kali saya tekan pedal kaki , tidak terjadi apa-apa.” Setelah diselidiki ternyata “pedal kaki” yang dimaksud orang itu adalah : mouse. 

8. Seorang lagi pengguna DELL marah kerana komputer barunya tidak nyala.
Dia menjelaskan semua sudah terpasang dengan benar, dan ketika dia menunggu selama 20 minit, tidak terjadi apa-apa pada komputernya. Ketika teknisi DELL menanyakan apakah “power switch” sudah dinyalakan, dia balik bertanya, “Power switch apa?” 

9. Berikut adalah tanya-jawab antara petugas Novell NetWire dengan seorang pembeli : Penelefon : Hello, boleh bercakap dengan Tech Support? Novell : Ya, boleh saya dibantu? Penelefon : Tempat letak cawan di PC saya patah. Apa mungkin saya bisa menggantinya? Novell : Tempat letak cawan? Apakah itu hadiah saat Anda membeli komputer? Penelefon : Tidak. Tempat letak cawan ini sudah ada di komputer saya. Dan ketika saya meletakkan gelas saya di atasnya, tempat itu patah. Yang saya ketahui, di bahagian depan tempat itu ada tulisan “CD-ROM, 16X”. 

(Saat itu juga, petugas Novell langsung mematikan telefon dan tertawa terbahak-bahak…)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DARAH "O" NEGATIF diperlukan.

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Sahabat itu kini kritikal di dalam HUKM. Minta hubungi saya, Rizan +60122853630 (24jam) atau inbox Sdra. Armand (li...nk dibawah) kepada yang sudi membantu. POHON JUGA SEBARKAN DI WALL MASING-MASING. Terima kasih. ht