Sunday, November 14, 2010

What your web hosting provider never tell you!

1. Unlimited storage & bandwidth
(Web hosting provider: We pray a lot so that none of you are hosting a gigantic MP3 download site. What? Don’t you know that we build our hosting business by over-selling?)

2. Unlimited mailbox
(This is our marketing trick to make you signing up email hosting with us. Who really cares if you have 500 email users and overload our email server! We host more mailboxes than we can afford to in each server so that we can lower down the price of your hosting.)

3. Unlimited add-on domain name
(Mixing different sites together are not a good practise, we know that from day one. But since everyone like the magic word ‘Unlimited’, why not this one?)

4. 99.999999% uptime
(Customer never ask for an uptime report to justify our actual uptime. If they do, we can come out with one which they will never understand except that if they are from Mars)

5. Reliable customer support
(Smart customers are only a step away to know that we are sucks by googling, eg ‘exabxxxxx sucks’. See, not many are doing that, we are always safe!)

6. Free domain name
(What they do not know is that we are going to make them pay it back on the next year. If that is not enough, we can send them bills for DNS, Migration Fee, Domain WHOIS update fee, you name it.)

7. No-downtime migration
(We can point our finger to countless parties when there are any downtime – TM, DNS, Dogs & Cats, Weather, etc)

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