Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to Burn More Calories While Sleeping

You've been working hard all day on your diet to lose weight, so it only makes sense to add a little more effort into effectively losing weight by burning more calories while sleeping. Getting enough sleep helps people burn more calories at night and during the day. There are also other ways to increase weight loss while sleeping.

To burn more calories while sleeping, follow the steps below.
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  1. To burn more calories while sleeping, take up weight lifting during the day. One pound of muscle burns on average about 50 calories per one day and night, while one pound of fat burns only nine calories. By starting a weight lifting program and increasing muscle mass, you will be sure to burn more calories while you sleep.
  2. Burn more calories at night by turning down the heater. Our bodies use more energy to keep warm. By turning down your heater at night, you will be turning up your body's metabolic rate, which will burn more calories to keep you warm.
  3. Avoid carbohydrates for at least six hours before bed. When the body is low on carbohydrates, it starts using calories to burn fat for energy. If there are no carbohydrates in your system before bedtime, your body will burn more calories and burn fat for energy.
  4. Drink green tea before bed to burn more calories while sleeping. Green tea increases metabolism, which helps people burn more calories.
  5. Sleep for more than seven hours to burn more calories at night. Getting more sleep will not only help you burn more calories at night, it will also help keep your metabolic rate higher during the day burning even more calories.
  6. Make sure to meditate and relax before going to sleep. Relaxing causes cortisol levels to drop, which will in turn help your body burn more calories.

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