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Quick Guide to Backup and Recovery

Quick Guide to Backup and Recovery

What needs to be backed up?
A full backup of your PC’s hard drive is recommended to guarantee your operating system and all your important files are protected. A partial backup will protect only selected files and applications. Before deciding on partial backup, keep in mind all the irreplaceable information stored on your hard drive. A full backup solution provides the most comprehensive way to protect data on your PC, though there are situations where partial backup is sufficient, such as when you are working exclusively on one large project.

How often to back up your filesFull system backups can be automated to run daily, weekly or continuously. Or you can do a complete backup instantly just by plugging in a SimpleSave drive. The frequency should depend on how often you are adding or changing important files on your hard drive. A good rule of thumb? Back up your files once a week. 

Choosing the right backup products HP has backup options that range from simple plug-and-backup to convenient wireless options and other backup solutions to fit your specific needs.
  • HP SimpleSave external hard drive
    If you can plug a cord into a wall you can back up your hard drive. The easiest way to back up your information is with the HP SimpleSave external drive with 320GB up to 2TB of storage. Just plug the USB cord into your computer and the backup software on the drive automatically finds all your data and begins backing it up. There’s no need to install and learn software or choose files. After your first backup, HP SimpleSave checks for file changes so your backup is always up to date. Yes, it’s that easy!
  • HP Media Vault external hard drive
    A 500GB* HP Media Vault is perfect for creating a full backup of your PC’s hard drive. And with the wireless networking feature, it’s easy to back up every computer in your house. It connects to your PC or wireless router via Ethernet cable.
  • HP Personal Media Drives 
    The HP Personal Media Drive is a portable backup solution that comes in a wide range of sizes. Use a 500GB drive to back up a single computer or a 1TB drive to protect an entire team’s data. It connects to your PC via USB cable or fits in the chassis slot of select HP PCs.
  • HP Pocket Media Drives
    Small but powerful, HP Pocket Media Drives are made for people and data on the move. Use them on flights, at work, at school or anywhere you need to back up important files. They connect to your PC via USB or fit in the chassis slot of select HP Pavilion PCs with a pocket media drive bay for 160GB to 500GB of storage.
  • HP DVD/CD Writer
    Another effective way to back up your important files is to make hard copies on high-capacity DVD. These copies should be stored in a safe location, separate from your PC. Most new HP desktop and notebook PCs have built-in DVD/CD writers, and external USB versions are also available.
  • USB flash drive 
    These handy plug-and-play USB drives are great for people who need to back up files fast or manually transfer files from one location to another. It’s always a smart practice to make an extra back up copy of important files (especially at work) with a 2GB–16GB HP USB drive.

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