Monday, September 27, 2010

NetKL Network will hold Affiliate Contests

NetKL Network will hold Affiliate Contests for the month of October, November, and December, 2010 !
Apart from the 10% commission, you will also stand a chance to win FREE webhosting plans below,
Main Prizes : 

1st Prize Winner                             
3 Large Biz plans (worth RM450 x 3 = RM 1350)
2nd Prize Winner                            

2 Medium Biz plans (worth RM350 x 2 = RM 700)
3rd Prize Winner                             

1 Small Biz plan (worths RM250 x 1 = RM 250)

Consolation Prizes :
4th & 5th Prize Winners                   

1 myPlatinum plan (worths RM200 x 1 = RM 200)
6th & 7th Prize Winners                   

1 myGold plan (worths RM100 x 1 = RM 100)
8th, 9th & 10th Prize Winners            

1 mySilver plan (worths RM60 x 1 = RM 60) 

*Click HERE to learn more about the above webhosting plans.

*Regardless of whether you win the contest or not, you'll still walk away with your 10% commission earned from every sales generated thru your Unique Referral Link.

*IF... you don't win the first 10 places above, but managed to earn a minimum of RM100 commissions for that month, you'll still be entitled for one (1) mySilver plan for FREE (only for 1st year's subscription, not renewal).
Looking for script for your business as low as RM 0.20 per script, pleas click here


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