Wednesday, August 04, 2010


The purpose of the BP hosting model is to capture the important components for successfully operating a BPH. The idea is that, without any of the components enumerated below, a BPH will not be able to function effectively. Equally important, if all of these components are present, a successful BPH enterprise is possible.

There are five components that make up the model. 
  • First, a BPH must have access toserver space. This represents the actual computers that serve as the physical infrastructurefor their operations.
  • The second component of the BP hosting model is the ability to acquire domains. The third component of the model is access to the Domain Name System (DNS). Specifically, BPHs require name servers (NSs) to resolve domain names to Internet protocol addresses (IP).
  • The fourth component of the BP hosting model is a means of communicating with potential clients. Given the criminal activities associated with BP hosting, they must have a space to advertise and communicate in which they feel relatively safe. 
  • The fifth component of 4  the model is the need for reliable financial services that allow them to preserve their anonymity. This is particularly important, given the potential difficulties in dealing with many traditional banks.

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