Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mandatory Use of ODF for State Documents

Jakarta – When all of the computers in government agencies completed a migration to Open Source at the end of 2011, the government also plans to migrate all the important documents of the country using open document formats (Open Document Format / ODF).

“We chose to switch to an open format like ODF because it does not depend on a vendor,” said Ashwin Sasongko, DG Applications and Telematics Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Communications and Informatics), on the sidelines of Indonesia Open Source Award ceremony in 2010 (IOSA) in Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta , Wednesday (07/28/2010).

According to him, the current ODF format was adjusted with the provisions of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). “After the download completed this year, next year (2011) will start instituted. The whole country is an important document we will migrate to ODF,” says Ashwin.
In addition to the important state documents, Kominfo also appeal to private companies that serve the public interest to switch to ODF format. This was for ease in opening access to public information without relying on one vendor.

Source Detiknet website.

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