Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why Making Money from Free Software Matters?

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I came across this article from LWN.net

Why Making Money from Free Software Matters - http://www.h-online.com/open/features/Why-Making-Money-from-Free-Software-Matters-985505.html

What interest me is on the 2nd page, how Jill Sobule adopted a donation model whereby fans paid her before the music existed, so that Sobule could spend time and money creating it. Her site is at http://www.jillsnextrecord.com/

$10 - Unpolished Rock (but with potential) Level: A free digital download of the album, when it's released.
$25 - Polished Rock Level: An advance copy of the CD. Weeks before the masses.
$50 - Pewter Level: An advance copy and a "Thank You" on the CD.
$100 - Copper Level: All the above, plus a T-shirt saying you're a junior executive producer on the album.
$200 - Bronze Level: Free admission to my shows for 2008.
$250 - Silver Level: All the above, plus a membership to the "Secret Society Producer's Club," which means you'll get a secret password to a website where I'll post some rough tracks, or... something worthwhile.
$500 - Gold Level: This is where it gets good! At the end of my CD, I'll do a fun instrumental track where I'll mention your name and maybe rhyme with it. And if you don't want your name used, you can give me a loved one's instead. What a great gift!
$750 - Gold Doubloons Level: Exactly like the gold level, but you give me more money.
$1,000 - Platinum Level: How would you like to have a theme song written for you? I'll have a song you can put on your answering machine and show off. Again, this could be a gift.
$2,500 - Emerald Level: Mentioned as an executive producer of the album – whoop-di-doo!
$5,000 — Diamond Level: I will come and do a house concert for you. Invite your friends, serve some drinks, bring me out and I sing. Actually, this level is a smart choice economically. I've played many house concerts where the host has charged his guests and made his money back. I'd go for this if I were you.
$10,000 - Weapons-Grade Plutonium Level: You get to come and sing on my CD. Don't worry if you can't sing - we can fix that on our end. Also, you can always play the cowbell.

I believe the same idea could be use to create Open Source software, especially for Enterprise customer.

For example, if they contribute $25, they will get a CD of the software before it will be launched.
$50, CD with manual.
$100, CD with manual, with 1 t-shirt saying "I support software X",
$200, like $100, but with additional 1 month phone support
$500, like $200, but with additional 1 month remote support
$1000, like $300, but with additional 1 site visit
$2000, like $1000, but with 2 month phone support, 2 month remote support, and 2 site visit
$5000, like $2000, but with 1 engineer stationed at site for 1 month
$10000, like $5000, but they have the priority to fix their issue in first 6 month and new feature suggested for next release

What do you think?

Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan

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