Saturday, May 22, 2010

looking support via mobile phone... here the number.. 1300 88 9515

1300 88 9515. Familiar right? Ok, it’s the TmNet’s customer care line. For those who is using streamyx and is having problem, here’s step that you should do before calling them up. That’s the thing they will ask you to do before they lodge a report for you.
If you have speed problems, try this steps:
  • Do a direct connection or standalone connection, which means not though a router or a network. Remove your splitter and directly connect the phoneline to the wall socket.
  • Flush your DNS. Go to run and type in cmd. Then, type in ipconfig /flushdns. Restart your pc and see if it does help or not.
  • Still doesn’t help? If your modem has a built-in router, try not to use automatic connection. Do a manual connection. More information here.
  • Still going slow? Do a bandwidth test 3 times, via the tmnet bandwidth tester or Remember, if you’re on the 512 package, you are normally connected at 300-400 when you’re doing the speed check. If you’re on the 1mb package, you are normally connected at 700-900 when you’re doing the speed check.
  • Done the speed check, and still not happy with the speed? Ok, you have to call them now. Report all the 3 speed test result in 2 decimal places. They will tell you the report number and check their progress with the report number. They claim they can fix everything in 2 working days, but I doubt that.
If you have blinking status, try this steps:
  • First thing they will ask you to disable splitter, again.
  • Then they will ask you to do a direct connection or standalone connection without going through a network or router.
  • Then they will ask whether you have extension line or not. If you have, disable them.
  • Still blinking? Try your modem on the extension line, make sure your other line is disabled.
  • If still blinking, borrow a working modem from your friend and try at your place. Or maybe you can check whether you modem is certified or not here.
  • Blinks again? Now, contact your local TM Point and tell them your problem. Ask them whether they have done jumpering on your streamyx number or not. If they haven’t, ask them to.
  • Still blinks? Maybe your area haven’t got streamyx eeh. :P No choice, just call the 1300 88 9515
Here’s another tip. Avoid the waiting time by calling them in the morning or afternoon on weekdays. Office hours, I can assure you don’t have to wait.

Anyway, as for other problems, I’m not sure what to do though. Call them lor, no choice.

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