Thursday, February 11, 2010

opps... sorry GOOGLE!.. typo error..

Hello Google Apps Administrator,

You've signed up to use Google Apps for, but we noticed you haven't yet verified that you own this domain. If you've mistakenly signed up with a domain that you don't manage, we will automatically remove from our system unless you verify ownership within the next seven days. Verifying ownership does not cause any change to your existing services. Alternatively, you can sign up again at a later date when you're ready to use the service.

To learn how to setup and deploy Google Apps, visit our getting started resource center for tips and instructions:

Step 1: Sign in to the administrative control panel. Here you can manage your user accounts and customize Google Apps. To access the control panel, visit:

If you haven't already signed in and created your administrator account, you can click here:

Step 2: Verify domain ownership from the control panel with either verification: upload an HTML file or create a special CNAME record.

To find more information or get in touch, visit our Help Center at Please do not reply to this email; replies are not monitored.

The Google Apps Team

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