Friday, July 04, 2008

good suggestion..

Actually I'm looking other ways by not eating rice... by the way.. it's recomended from my doctor.. If you want to live more longer... go to the gym by tomorow.. muahahahaha.. ni doktor paling zalim aku dengar.. padahal my BMI not so teruk.. only 30 and that not good actualy.. the perferct no is 20... so I have to go to diet.. because that Ah Moi (doctor) want to see me by this coming Selasa.. 9/7/08...

thank you for suggestion to replace nasik with bee hoon... 

u r not eating any rice tapi mkn muffin which cost u rm3.30?try to eat bee hoon only for 1 month n u can get the hubby did that for 5 month (no rice at all) b4 married n the result was great...

by the way... how I'm going to eat bee hoon.. don't tell me.. only plain bee hoon... ooo tidak... at least bagi lah kuah sikit.. mau tercekik kawan.


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