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SHE was the girl who dreamt of being rich - and would do absolutely anything to get what she wanted. For there was one person that glamour-obsessed Faria Alam was determined not to become: her mother.

Sharfunnessa Begum toiled to support her family in a supermarket, working exhausting shifts for less than £7 an hour. But her daughter could barely disguise her shame. "Faria is very confident and pretty tough," says one of her closest female friends. "But the one thing that can embarrass her is people knowing her mother works in a supermarket.

"She has tried all her life to avoid that type of fate herself, chopping and changing jobs and even countries. Everything - including her choice in men - has been geared towards trying to avoid ending up on that checkout till."

That seems an unlikely fate now as Faria cashes in on the scandal at the Football Association which linked her to England coach Sven Goran Eriksson and brought down FA chief executive Mark Palios. But it is the nightmare driving the former model's ruthless ambition to avoid what must have seemed like a predestined path when she was born in Bangladesh 38 years ago. Along the way, she discarded her husband from an arranged marriage at 16, escaping to Britain on the pretext that she was going to study. She never went back.

Another casualty of her obsession, it has emerged, was the marriage of family friends. They took her into her home after her parents separated - and Faria repaid them by having an affair with the husband.

He was wealthy and connected - two vital qualities she has pursued in men ever since. In return, she offered to fulfil their sexual fantasies, including delivering what she tantalisingly called a "Faria Special".

It's all a long way from Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital, where Faria was born in 1966 to a Pakistani bank employee and his wife. Their four children - two boys and two girls - were raised as conscientious Muslims.

When the family moved to Bradford and then Northumberland, they made trips back to Bangladesh so that Faria would not forget her roots. At Ponteland High School, her state school near Newcastle upon Tyne, few guessed what lay ahead for the slim girl with long, dark hair.
A former schoolmate says: "She appeared to be a bit aloof and kept herself to herself and was not one to be hanging out with the rest of the class." Another adds: "I thought she was a bit of a swot, a bit bookish and very quiet."

BUT Ponteland did give Faria her first glimpse of a different lifestyle.
Here, properties can fetch up to £1million, and the town is popular with wealthy businessmen and Premiership footballers.

Then two tumultuous events marked Faria's teenage years. First, her mother took her to Bangladesh and married her to a businessman. She left him and came back, but then had to cope with her parents' split and the departure of her mum, Sharfunnessa Begum, to America.
Her father, Khawja Mahboob Alam, moved to Swindon - where he died in 1997 - and Faria was unable to get permits to join her mother and her brother Aswat in Seattle. She was left at the Man-chester home of family friends Dr Kabir Choudhury and his wife - ending up having an affair with the doctor, once a Conservative candidate.

In her 20s, Faria moved into an aunt's house in Streatham, South London, before flat-sharing in Cheam, Surrey. She later lived in Vauxhall and Battersea, South London, where she embarked on a social whirl that has never stopped.

Her aim was to be a model. Naseeba Sacranie, who joined her on stage at Wembley conference centre in 1996 for the Zee TV Supermodel competition finals, says: "Faria knows the walk and how to carry herself. She is capable of walking up to total strangers and striking up a conversation. She is bright, talkative, self-assured and feisty." Another friend says: "She didn't have the classic Asian look, but she always had the presence and loads of attention from men."

By now, Faria thought she had a point to prove to her old classmates back in Ponteland. Her entry on the Friends Reunited website boasts: "I've been modelling for many years and also do a lot of international PR, and partying around the world... fantastic!" And she had discovered her personal secret for success. As one friend says: "She has chased men with power and influence and good careers to get ahead. She knows most men melt before her. That powerful effect has made her believe that one day she would be famous."

Faria once had sex with an entire group of four friends, dating first one and then another, according to someone who knows her. They included two brothers - Asian investment bankers with looks and plenty of cash. There was also three-in- a-bed sex with another woman.
Her appetite for sex had men hooked. One woman who has known Faria for years says she used to offer them an intimate sex act which she called a "Faria Special".

"In some ways it would be given almost as a way of saying: 'Thanks for dinner'," she says. "But it was also a message saying: 'Just remember how good I am at this and come back for more.'"
But a mate insists: "She is not deliberately promiscuous - far from it. All she has been doing all the many years I have known her is looking for a husband. She wants to settle down and is desperately looking for Mr Right. She would like to settle down and have children. But she has always had relationships with the wrong men."

THERE are plenty of stories about her, including a claim that she once owned a Porsche. In reality, her jobs as secretary, PR or IT analyst didn't put her in that league.
But Faria talked enthusiastically of The Avenue restaurant in St James's, London, describing it as her "second home". She holidayed in Barbados and loves champagne. Regular haunts included
The Cinnamon Club and The Ivy. She told a friend this year: "I don't like cheap, nasty places, which a lot of Asians do sometimes... I can't hack it!"

Frustrated with her job at an IT firm, she moved to Seattle and stayed with her mum and younger brother. But she soon missed her London life and moved back.

She joined the FA last year as PA to David Davies, now acting chief executive, and soon began an affair with Mark Palios. But he dumped her and Sven made his move. Her plan, she confided to friends, was to make him leave his girlfriend Nancy Dell'Olio, refusing to sleep with him until he did. But she gave up her powerful hand by letting him into her bed. While her exploits with men have earned her the nicknamed "Ferrari", Faria is said to be a loyal and generous friend. But some are anxious about her future now that she has sold her story for an estimated £500,000.

One says: "I feel pretty disappointed with her. It makes me sad to think that, at nearly 40, she has always lived in rented accommodation, never lived with a guy and is still looking for Mr Right.
"Who is going to marry her when they know about all these men she has slept with? She is damaged goods in their eyes now. Certainly within our own Asian world no man is going to touch her.

"The men might still fancy her, but their mothers are not going to let them invite her home, so she is finished in the marriage stakes in that community." Another friend added: "I was telling her a few days ago not to tell her story and to do a deal with the FA and keep her job.

"I think it is short-term thinking to take the cash now, because with it goes her reputation."

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