Thursday, June 30, 2005

ari ni trainer bagi ujian...

tasknya.. setup satu lagi Secondary DNS di tempat lain... sebagai DNS Server bagi domain task ini dimulakan dengan configuration bagi Primary DNS aka NS1... oleh member aku... then aku pulak sebagai Secondary aka NS2... Primary di Ampang... Secondary di Subang... berakhir dengan configuration untuk cache.. waaa best2... dapat buat dan berjaya... through practicall.. on the real server and real time....

*/ x sabarnya nak setup domain Selasih Net. didalam server sendiri... dan IP sendiri .. dan kalu boleh biar server tu sebelah katil aku... bila bangun ajer.. boleh nampak kelibat dia.. hehehehehe... satu ari nanti... sudah pasti... Amin.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

ari ni dapat sijil...

waa akhirnya dapat jugak sijil Cisco bagi Semester Satu.. walaupun ada 3 sem lagi.. mununggu tamat nya pengajian ini... kira-kira.. awal tahun depan.. boleh letak lambang CCNA kat namecard macam bos aku... (tgh berangan giler masa taip benda ni...)

*/ sijil tidak dilampirkan kerana ketidakuapayaan mengadakan scanner di rumah.. mungkin satu hari nanti.. hehehehe..

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ari-ari relax... waa ini motto hidup boleh pakai ker...

When life is hard and
Friday is still so far away
there is only one thing
to do....

Image hosted by

*/ ini macam ari-ari relax.. apa aku mau jadi.. dah ler talak keje... asyik jadi machai ajer.. machai pun mau relax ker.. hehehehehhe bila machai dah relax.. Bos jadi BALACI lah... kalu tu macam mau aku mati kering bulan ni...

Monday, June 27, 2005

pasai roti....

aku pi ikut member aku pasang streamyx.. maklumlah aku kan machai... pi satu Lawyer Firm kat SS22.. aku cakap ngan member aku.. kalu dia nak setup LAN.. mau tragedi di Taman Desa berulang....

bos aku: biler nak bayar kak?
kakak: bukan apa dik... bulan ni pun sangkut.... paling cepat
2 minggu.. paling lambat.. sebulan.
aku:(menelan air liur).. pasai apa.. duit aku dah guna beli RAM
dia orang...

sekali sampai.... bos dia x der.. so staff x tau nak buat decision pc mana patut ada Internet... maklumlah tiada LAN. so sorang awek tanyer kami..dah makan ker... kami jawab sudah... kerana x suka makan dulu.. suka habih keje satu hari baru makan tengah hari... sekali dia offer satu bantal roti putih... suruh kami beli Jam.. kalu nak makan... baik punyer ayat....

*/ aku kalu boleh nak ketawa guling2 tetapi hanya senyum ajer.. tunggu kuar dari opis mau bantai gelak kaw-kaw.. muahahahahha

Sunday, June 26, 2005

siapa dia Faria Alam.... hehehehe

best jugak follow cerita dia ni.. hehehehehe

SHE was the girl who dreamt of being rich - and would do absolutely anything to get what she wanted. For there was one person that glamour-obsessed Faria Alam was determined not to become: her mother.

Sharfunnessa Begum toiled to support her family in a supermarket, working exhausting shifts for less than £7 an hour. But her daughter could barely disguise her shame. "Faria is very confident and pretty tough," says one of her closest female friends. "But the one thing that can embarrass her is people knowing her mother works in a supermarket.

"She has tried all her life to avoid that type of fate herself, chopping and changing jobs and even countries. Everything - including her choice in men - has been geared towards trying to avoid ending up on that checkout till."

That seems an unlikely fate now as Faria cashes in on the scandal at the Football Association which linked her to England coach Sven Goran Eriksson and brought down FA chief executive Mark Palios. But it is the nightmare driving the former model's ruthless ambition to avoid what must have seemed like a predestined path when she was born in Bangladesh 38 years ago. Along the way, she discarded her husband from an arranged marriage at 16, escaping to Britain on the pretext that she was going to study. She never went back.

Another casualty of her obsession, it has emerged, was the marriage of family friends. They took her into her home after her parents separated - and Faria repaid them by having an affair with the husband.

He was wealthy and connected - two vital qualities she has pursued in men ever since. In return, she offered to fulfil their sexual fantasies, including delivering what she tantalisingly called a "Faria Special".

It's all a long way from Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital, where Faria was born in 1966 to a Pakistani bank employee and his wife. Their four children - two boys and two girls - were raised as conscientious Muslims.

When the family moved to Bradford and then Northumberland, they made trips back to Bangladesh so that Faria would not forget her roots. At Ponteland High School, her state school near Newcastle upon Tyne, few guessed what lay ahead for the slim girl with long, dark hair.
A former schoolmate says: "She appeared to be a bit aloof and kept herself to herself and was not one to be hanging out with the rest of the class." Another adds: "I thought she was a bit of a swot, a bit bookish and very quiet."

BUT Ponteland did give Faria her first glimpse of a different lifestyle.
Here, properties can fetch up to £1million, and the town is popular with wealthy businessmen and Premiership footballers.

Then two tumultuous events marked Faria's teenage years. First, her mother took her to Bangladesh and married her to a businessman. She left him and came back, but then had to cope with her parents' split and the departure of her mum, Sharfunnessa Begum, to America.
Her father, Khawja Mahboob Alam, moved to Swindon - where he died in 1997 - and Faria was unable to get permits to join her mother and her brother Aswat in Seattle. She was left at the Man-chester home of family friends Dr Kabir Choudhury and his wife - ending up having an affair with the doctor, once a Conservative candidate.

In her 20s, Faria moved into an aunt's house in Streatham, South London, before flat-sharing in Cheam, Surrey. She later lived in Vauxhall and Battersea, South London, where she embarked on a social whirl that has never stopped.

Her aim was to be a model. Naseeba Sacranie, who joined her on stage at Wembley conference centre in 1996 for the Zee TV Supermodel competition finals, says: "Faria knows the walk and how to carry herself. She is capable of walking up to total strangers and striking up a conversation. She is bright, talkative, self-assured and feisty." Another friend says: "She didn't have the classic Asian look, but she always had the presence and loads of attention from men."

By now, Faria thought she had a point to prove to her old classmates back in Ponteland. Her entry on the Friends Reunited website boasts: "I've been modelling for many years and also do a lot of international PR, and partying around the world... fantastic!" And she had discovered her personal secret for success. As one friend says: "She has chased men with power and influence and good careers to get ahead. She knows most men melt before her. That powerful effect has made her believe that one day she would be famous."

Faria once had sex with an entire group of four friends, dating first one and then another, according to someone who knows her. They included two brothers - Asian investment bankers with looks and plenty of cash. There was also three-in- a-bed sex with another woman.
Her appetite for sex had men hooked. One woman who has known Faria for years says she used to offer them an intimate sex act which she called a "Faria Special".

"In some ways it would be given almost as a way of saying: 'Thanks for dinner'," she says. "But it was also a message saying: 'Just remember how good I am at this and come back for more.'"
But a mate insists: "She is not deliberately promiscuous - far from it. All she has been doing all the many years I have known her is looking for a husband. She wants to settle down and is desperately looking for Mr Right. She would like to settle down and have children. But she has always had relationships with the wrong men."

THERE are plenty of stories about her, including a claim that she once owned a Porsche. In reality, her jobs as secretary, PR or IT analyst didn't put her in that league.
But Faria talked enthusiastically of The Avenue restaurant in St James's, London, describing it as her "second home". She holidayed in Barbados and loves champagne. Regular haunts included
The Cinnamon Club and The Ivy. She told a friend this year: "I don't like cheap, nasty places, which a lot of Asians do sometimes... I can't hack it!"

Frustrated with her job at an IT firm, she moved to Seattle and stayed with her mum and younger brother. But she soon missed her London life and moved back.

She joined the FA last year as PA to David Davies, now acting chief executive, and soon began an affair with Mark Palios. But he dumped her and Sven made his move. Her plan, she confided to friends, was to make him leave his girlfriend Nancy Dell'Olio, refusing to sleep with him until he did. But she gave up her powerful hand by letting him into her bed. While her exploits with men have earned her the nicknamed "Ferrari", Faria is said to be a loyal and generous friend. But some are anxious about her future now that she has sold her story for an estimated £500,000.

One says: "I feel pretty disappointed with her. It makes me sad to think that, at nearly 40, she has always lived in rented accommodation, never lived with a guy and is still looking for Mr Right.
"Who is going to marry her when they know about all these men she has slept with? She is damaged goods in their eyes now. Certainly within our own Asian world no man is going to touch her.

"The men might still fancy her, but their mothers are not going to let them invite her home, so she is finished in the marriage stakes in that community." Another friend added: "I was telling her a few days ago not to tell her story and to do a deal with the FA and keep her job.

"I think it is short-term thinking to take the cash now, because with it goes her reputation."

*/begitu pandai pompuan sikalang.. agak2 miskin.. buat skandal... hehehehe.. pompuan sekarang ni murah sangat.. maklumlah.. minah Bangla... kekekeke

Friday, June 24, 2005

jumpa lagi mamat tu...

waaa kali ni tiada mintak permisi... aku makan ngan member.. dia mai terus duduk

mamat: apa itu penalti?
aku: entah ler..
kawan1:(usha aku)
minah1: apa tu assignment
mamat: apa kata kita tukar penalti.. kepada sepakan sudut ker.. tendangan sudut.
minah1: waa.. amek apa kursus apa ni
kawan1: (senyap sambil blur)
aku: (bukak topik baru) apa kata buat t-shirt ker..
kawan1: ok jugak tu.. boleh pakai masa pi kelas ke.. exam ker.
minah1: buat sweater lah..
mamat: laa buat apa buat projek kecil-kecilan...
kita buat projek mega lah... (sambil keluarkan buku)
aku: (projek mega... buat apa ni....)
mamat: sekali buku graf ada gambo satelit...
aku: (rasa nak tersembur mee hoon goreng yg tengah aku makan ni...)
mamat; mula menerangkan diagram yang dia lukih...
aku: (part lampu kat satelit tu aku x puas hati)
ada ke cakap lampu lap-lip tu macam lampu kelap-kelip kita pasang
masa malam raya..... HAMPEH...

*/ apsal tak pasang pelita ker.. malam2 10 terakhir... hehehehehe mamat ni bahaya... aku x paham.. dimana silapnya... kenapa jumpa lagi mamat ni.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

bile kita jumpa mamat tak dikenali

aku tengah ngantuk.. balik dari surau.. setelah tidur dalam surau sambil beriktikaf.. aku rasa.

kejadian di cafe
aku: (tgh nak bayar)
mamat: hai bang.. wallet nipis...(gelak2)
aku: (pergh.. terhinanya rasa.. ) biasa lah bang.. akhir bulan.
mamat: (senyap ajer.. sambil berlalu dgn seketul roti dan
air kosong.
aku: lepak sama member.. sambil amek 4 bijik kuih dan nescafe
mamat: sapa member aku.. sambil tanyer.. boleh join ker
aku: (waa tidak ler..... katakan ini mimpi.....)
mamat: (duduk saja) bukak topik integrasi...
aku: (masih blur....)
mamat: apa kata kita hantar askar kita yang tiada keje jadi
pak guard... kat bank.. sebab kat UK dia org buat macam
aku: ( nak gelak.. mau berdekah2..) tapi aku layan aje lah
mamat: korang pernah makan ubi ketuk
aku: x pernah...
kawan1: aku pun x pernah
mamat: dulu zaman jepun.. aku pernah makan...
aku: kalu dia dok zaman jepun.. mesti dah baya bapak aku dah..
pasai bapak aku lahir pun jepun dah habis..
mamat: ko agak2 sapa buat tugu negara/
aku:(waaa... cerita x habih lagi... dah tukar topik.. HAMPEH)
kawan2: ok e1... aku kuar sat.. amek nyawa.. (isap rokok)
aku: ok bang .. jalan dulu.. pasai ada projek lain... (pada hal
melarikan diri.. muahahahhahaa)

*/ rasa nak goreng ajer mamat ni.. tapi tgh ngantuk dan lapar.. tu yang x de idea.. hehehehe.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ari ni ada kelas Cisco

so aku tidak pi kenduri arwah. pasai kelas belah malam.
kelas ari ni memang best... tiada kuliah kerana practical training bagi membuat "cloud" antara 3 router...
part paling best apabila 2 trainer bergaduh mencari solution kepada penyelesaian masalah kami.

*/ aku berakhir dengan salah pasang serial port kat belakang Catalyt 2600.. dan best part.. configure di port yang kosong.. muahahahhaa

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ke Sepang sekali lagi..

ari ni aku ke sepang sekali lagi.. kerana ada satu keje lagi yang belum siap.. iaitu setup dia punyer multifunction printer Ricoh Alfio 2027 dalam LAN dia... pasai keje ni x masuk dalam quotation.. so kita buat keje amal.. hehehe. ni semua strategi pemasaran.. mesti bagi sikit free.. kalu nak dapat projek lain kali.. heheehehe

balik sebelum Magrib.. pasai ada kenduri Arwah.. hari kedua..

ari ni pun ramai jugak macam semalam... mungkin pasai kat Taman Seri, Telok Datok ni semangat ukwah masih kuat.. x macam kat temat lain kut...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Al-Fatihah untuk Arwah nenek ku..

minggu lepas baru aku melawat.. tiada sakit.. hanya sihat.. walaupun nenek aku tidak boleh bergerak kerana penyakit angin ahmar.. atau mild stroke.. hanya separuh ajer dari badam boleh bergerak... selama lebih 9 tahun.

pagi ni mendapat panggilan dari ummi aku kat opis.. bagi tau.. nenek aku dah tiada..
waaa.. teringat semua kenangan-kenangan indah... minggu lepas adalah salam terakhir.

aku bergegas ke Bangsar... untuk hantar modem.. dan cabut ke Banting...

semua selamat dikebumikan.. di Tanah Perkuburan kat Masjid Sungai Manggis.. selang satu kubur dengan Arwah atuk aku... ni baru habis kenduri arwah malam pertama.

*/ ari ni 20/6 .. 90 hari selepas arwah Atuk aku.. yang merupakan suami kepada nenek aku pergi ke Rahmatullah.

Friday, June 17, 2005

ari ni aku jadi indon...

lepak library.. keje x siap lagi.. kepala pening.. semayang jumaat di sekolah Indon.. hehehehe
naik pening dengar khutbah.. kekekeke... yg penting aku tidor.... heheeehhehehe

Thursday, June 16, 2005

pasal kepala ikan...

orang banyak cakap.. kalu makan kepala ikan.. senang lupa.. aku memang x makan kepala ikan.. tapi kalu kepala ikan masak kari aku makan.. pasai best sangat... x tertahan rasanya...

kelupaan aku berlaku di Damansara Perdana... sampai opis cina.. sekali ada router... linux pulak tu.. best2... sekali on.. tiada interface.. hanya CLi ajer.. waa parah ni macam.. member aku sound aku.. ko boleh tak e1.. kejap aku cuba.. CLi ni aku lupa..

aku mula mencuba.. utk tukar IP eth0 dia.. atau dgn kata lain IP utk NIC dari ISP... sekali command aku lupa... cuba demi cuba.. aku lupa... ooo tidak.. demi tidak membesarkan kemaluan aku... so aku cover line..

aku: we are not properly trained for setup the streamyx for LAN
bos: How come?
aku: actually , our task is giving u only a single PC with streamyx only,
this because u are subscribing for home package, not a corporate package
bos: oo I see.. ok sorry to give u all problem...
aku: nevermind.. just a small matter....
bos: do u have any wireless product that u recommended for us?
aku: yes we got some product... may i know ur budget please?
bos: around Rm 400...
aku: ok i will quote some product to u.. ok.. btw sorry again...
bos: ok thanks.

keluar dari opis.. apalah ko e1.. kata belajar linux... waaa baik punyer perli... aku rasa aku dah tau. sapa salah....

*/ aku rasa nak gigit mak cik jual nasi lemak tu... kerana dia tak buang.. kepala ikan bilis.. yg menyebabkan aku lupa command... eeee geramnya.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ari ni mula sessi berkenalan dengan cik router...

memang awek cun.. sampai aku mengantuk melihat dia.. kekekekee

*/ ni series 2800.. yg ni adik dia.. tadi kenal kakak dia model 2600

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mr & Mrs Smith... THX

layan kat GSC Summit.. tiket bayar.. air dan pop-corn sponsored by Tuan Ijam. toche Bos.
cerita memang best.. 79 kali ganda best dari cerita Melayu.. muahahaha..

Monday, June 13, 2005

ari ni ada jemputan kawin..

waa sorry lah Encik Lapan.. talak boleh mai.. ada hal... memang tidak dapat dielakkan lagi..
bermula proses men-recover-kan HDD encik LAPAN.. pasai hdd ada problem.. cuma x sabar menanti esok.. layan citer Mr. @ Mrs Smith.. hehehehe

*/ esok tuan ijam (cousin aku) akan beli tiket.. make sure THX ok.. hehehehe

Saturday, June 11, 2005

hari ni hari weblog sedunia...

sepatutnya aku pi.. tapi projek semalam masih x siap.. perlu disambung sehingga siap.. so aku cuba siap secepat yang mungkin.. lepas semua sudah dipasang.. bermula lah bab configuration, selalunya aku yang buat.. tapi kali ni bos pulak yang buat.. sebab dia dah nenok interface tu.. aku belum lagi nenok..

setelah bos mencuba sambil disaksikan oleh Pengetua, Guru Kanan.. boleh pulak x boleh masuk interface AP.. waa yang paling aku geram tu.. boleh pulak bos mengeluh.. seolah2.. macam kali pertama pulak configure AP ni... dan paling rasa nak gigit.. aku tanyer dia .. ada test ke masuk? dia kata dia test ON ajer.. HAMPEH betul.

macam biasa.. aku macai pulak yang dikerah untuk menyambung task yang diberi.. macam biasa aku akan bukak manual dulu.. dan ikut segala steps yang diberi.. biar nampak bodoh tapi berjaya.. janji aku berjaya masuk interface... then configure sedikit-sebanyak..kalu nak tulih kat sini parah lah aku.. kekekekeke

lepas tu pasang modem.. then bilik pentadbiran dan bilik guru.. terus menjadi medan Wi-Fi... waa best betul cikgu ari ni.. duduk dalam tandas pun ada signal.. best woooo.. sambil termenung.. layan YM.. kekekeke

balik dah kul 5.38 ptg macam tu aku balik... sekali bos berhenti tepi jalan .. layan durian... pekena 8 bijik makan 2 orang.. maklum lah belum makan... ingat nak enjut lagi.. tapi mak cik yang jual durian tu ... x berapa pandai pilih.. aku suka yang pahit ajer.. ni dia bagi yang lemak2.. waa..cepat lah aku muak.....

balik dah kul 6 lebih.. sorry lah kawang2.. x leh nak join itu program... pasai sekarang ni aku tiada pekerjaan.. kalu dulu.. rasa boleh ajer.. tapi sekarang ni susah sikit.. pasai kalu aku pi program tu.. tiada lah upah kerja ... macam mana?

*/ ari ni punyer tips.. jangan mengeluh jika gagal.. pasai kawan aku adalah kegagalan... hehehehe

Friday, June 10, 2005

bermulanya projek Wi-Fi sekolah...

awal pagi aku pi sama ngan bos aku ke Bangi.. jumpa Bos Besar.. untuk tanyer pasal hand-drill untuk tebuk lubang.. sampai sana bos aku cakap.. hand-drill dia hilang pulak.. dah jadi satu hal nak cari hand-drill kat Bangi tu... jalan punyer jalan.. akhirnya jumpa...

lepas sambar hand-drill... kerja menebuk lubang.. dan lay semua cable.. dan aku pun pi potong wire adaptor yang sambung ke Access Point (AP).. pasai power sourcenya jauh.. dan wire adaptor tu pendek.. lepas sambung.. semua pasang.. tetiba2 pulak bau hangit.. waa tidak adaptor terbakar.. so kerja ari ni x boleh siap.. call bendor.. tanyer pasal replacement.. dia kata ada.. mai kedai ni malam..

pi low yatt.. angkat adaptor. kena charge RM35.. tapi paling puas hati... tauke kedai sanggup mai Low Yatt kul 10 malam pasai aku.. hehehehe.. caya lah tauke.. senang2 kita layan kopi....

*/ kadangkala best pulak bangsa asing ni daripada bangsa MELAYU.. entah biler agaknya bangsa MELAYU nak jadi macam bangsa asing...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

semalam yang panas.. bukan yang hangat...

sebelum kelas.. SMS member.. ajak pekena teh tarik... so habis kelas aku pun bergegas ke sana.. pasai janji kul 10.40 mlm.. saja bagi lewat tu.. pasai member memang lambat punyer... tunggu punyer tunggu... x sampai lagi.. sekali jam dah kul 10.45 dah... aku pun mangkuk jugak janji lambat sangat..

jam dah kul 10.49 dah.. waa hati sudah panas.. bukan sekali.. tapi masuk ni dah 3 kali dah... aku hantar SMS lagi... dan dia orang balas....

kawan1: waa aku dah tidur lah... esok aku ada appointment ngan client.. aku penat sangat ni...
kawan2: sorrylah.. aku ingat sekejap ajer.. aku jumpa member ni.. tapi lama pulak...

sememangnya panas betul aku semalam... teh tarik dah 2 gelas.. belum kira air kosong.. kan senang.. kalu cakap.. wei aku rasa x boleh lah.. lain kali lah... dah ler aku yang invite dia orang melepak... aku hantar sebelum kul 9 malam.. kan senang kalu ko balas sebelum aku habis kelas.. x yah ler aku jadi pak guard kat restoran mamak tu.....

*/ selepas ni.. aku takkan ajak lagi dia orang melepak.. buat habis credit aku SMS.. buang masa.. sakit hati.. sebab susah nak ajak orang2 pandai melepak bersama orang bodoh macam aku ni.... baik aku ajak orang sama bodoh macam aku melepak.. memang sampai tepat pada masanya.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

berita baik....

member yang aku anggap bos.. pasai dia dok bagi aku buat project kecil-kecilan.. call sekolah tu nak minggu ni jugak itu wi-fi kasi up... waaa syukur2... best2.. x sabar nya nak shopping dengan duit bos.. walaupun bukan harta sendiri.. dapat beli dan pasang jadi lah... tumpang gembira... hehehehe

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


aku suka kawan..... tapi aku suka yg lebih tua daripada aku... pasainya.. susah nak cakap..

biler kawan kita lebih tua..
kawan: jom minum...
aku: jom....
kawan: ko apsal tak makan...
aku: aku kenyang ler... (sebenarnya tiada duit)
kawan: dah jangan ckp banyak.. pi amek apa benda yg
ko nak makan... aku makan ko x makan pulak
aku: ok... bos.. mee goreng mamak satu.
(dalam hati.. bestnya.. kalu ada member macam ni)

biler kawan sebaya atau lebih muda
kawan: jom makan...
aku: jom..jom...
kawan: mee ladna satu...
aku: waaa benda yg aku nak x de pulak
(alasan cover x de duit nak makan)
kawan: ko kalu x de duit cakap ewan...
nah RM 20...
aku: (semasa amek duit)
kawan: biler nak bayar.... aku pun kering ni..
aku: (kalu kering.. x yah bg pinjam... Kambing betul)
dalam hati..... aku belum lagi order.. Cikoi sungguh!

*/ tapi awek..x mau ler.. yang lebih tua.. kalu boleh mau stok.. macam adik Najib ngan Norjuma.. 43 vs 24.. memang mantap... lama sikit penggunaannya.. hehehehehehe..

Sunday, June 05, 2005

pengantin pompuan mai...

auntie aku x buat majlis bersanding... hanya makan beradat ajer... tapi lauk x best.. HAMPEH punyer caterer.. lupa aku nak amek name card dia.. boleh jugak letak kat sini... aku sebagai tukang amek gambo... hehehehe.. sekadar pencukup kuota camera man...

berakhir dengan satu task lagi member aku bagi... amek hadiah dia dari sorang awek ni.. waa bab ni aku paling malas ni... dengan buat appointment kul 6 ptg ari yang sama... aku pun pi ler dengan cousin aku.. supaya aku x boring menunggu... sebab dulu jumpa pun... dah macam tiang lampu aku dalam Projet Wangsa Maju tu...

jam dah kul 6.15 dah.. mana minah ni... air kopi Cappucino Projet punyer mahal .. silap aku, x amek Hazel Decaf tu.. sedap sikit.. ni Hampeh punyer rasa... waa jam dah 6.25 x sampai lagi minah ni... aku punyer awal.. 5.51 dah sampai dah... waaa air kopi aku dah habis.. aku SMS.. pada kul 6.36 ptg.. dia reply.. boleh tak awak datang umah saya... saya x boleh keluar lah.

dalam hati... ada jugak nak menyumpah minah ni.. dah ler nak bagi hadiah kat bf dia.. aku pulak sebagai messenger.. banyak cengkadak pulak.. ada yang aku amek hadiah tu... aku campak kat tong sampah umah aku.. kalu x boleh kuar..cakap lah awal2.. ni siap janji ngan aku... dan aku pulak terpaksa SMS.. tanyer dah kat mana?

*/ selamat member tu... member baik aku... kalu baru semalam aku kenai.. mau setiap perkhidmatan RM 59 kalu tak de.. hantar sendiri.... muahahahhaha..

Saturday, June 04, 2005

bertandang ke umah pengantin pompuan..

ari ni cousin aku kawin... so kami semua berkonvoi ke umah pengantin pompuan.. dengan skill parking x tarik handbrake.. umah flat maa.. parking tak dok.. itu pun dah buat car pool dah.. kalu sorang sebijik kereta mau jadi tukang hantar ajer...

balik dari sana.. melepak umah Auntie aku.. sambil tulun setup audio system kekeke... sebab esok pengantin pompuan pulak mai.. takkan x mau memekak.. kekekeke.. malamnya ... projek memacak sign-board tunjuk arah... tapi aku x join.. pasai lewat sangat projeknya... kul 2 pagi.. sangap maaa..

Friday, June 03, 2005

aku semayang kat BALAI POLIS..

kul 12.30 macam tu.. bos aku call.. dia accident.. waa aku pun merempit ke Federal Highway.. pasai nak nenok kereta dia. sampai sana ada sebijik tow-truck.. then dia pun sains borang kebenaran tarik kereta. so aku x boleh nak buat apa2.. melainkan teman dia.. ke Balai Polis..

berderai kancil langgar bontot Volvo 740.. muahahaha.. aku tanyer pasal apa ko langgar dia.. dia cakap saja nak test.. muahahahhaa (sebenarnya terlelap.. kekekeke) teman punyer teman.. aku ingat kan polis ni reti semayang.. rupa-rupanya semua x semayang termasuk lah aku...

lepas settle semua.. bayar saman.. pi bengkel pulak kat Jalan Kilang, PJ.. sains form lagi.. claim insurans dan macam2 lagi lah... makan tengah ari kul 4 lebih... bos belanja.. hehehehe.. selepas semua settle..aku pun balik berbekal maggi goreng 2 bungkus... memang sedap... kena ajak tuan mak itam pekena sekali...

bersiap ke umah mak cik aku.. pasai anak dia kawin...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

macam x percaya....

member aku sorang ada cakap pasai keunikkan processor Pentium 4 2.4a ni... so aku pun mencuba keupayaan dia... dengan kebenaran dari tuan punyer pc.. pasai aku belum mampu lagi beli Pentium 4 ni.... dan aku bagi tau lagi kat dia.. jika apa2 hal berlaku ke atas processor tu anggap lah sebagai dalam process RnD.. hehehehe

aku overclock dia.. dengan berbekalkan motherboard MSI-platinum... dari 2.4 Ghz ke 3.6 Ghz.. selepas 5 minit.. dia berjalan lancar... dan aku biar kan selama 1 jam sambil mendownload anime... dan biarkan lagi jam kedua... waaa mantap2....

so aku mintak dia on seminggu dulu.. nak test... pasai nak nenok ada kemungkinan dia terbakar tak.. kekekeke.
lepas ni mau test overclock RAM dia pulak.... kekekeke.. kasi nenok berapa dia tahan untuk dijahanamkan... yeaaah... aku suka menjadi penjahanam... muahahahahah

*/ aku dah mula menyukai MSI ni.. pada hakikat aku benci MSI kekekeke.. Hanya Asus yang bertahkta dalam hati.. kekekeke.. tapi rasa macam nak beli DFI-Lanparty... bila ada duit nanti...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

ari ni dapat lagi satu projek...

Alhamdulilah... walaupun talak pandai.. ada sikit2 projek.. boleh lah hidup.. kali ni pasang USB-Host Card.. kat satu pc kat Ampang.. bos dia Datuk.. so dia tanyer.. lama tak.. aku kata bagi aku setengah jam.. tapi sebenarnya tak sampai 15 minit pun... maklumlah professional punyer class ( bukan daripada kalangan teori... tapi hands-on skills... muahahahah sungguh riak... takbur.. sombong pernyataan ini.. kekekekeke)

cuma yang sedih .. setelah siap.. boleh dia nak bayar ari Jumaat.. dalam hati aku dah bertan-tan maki hamun.. keje nak ari ni siap.. tapi payment lewat... boleh pulak cakap tak de duit kecik... dalam hati berapa besar duit dia.. bak mai kalu ada note seribu pun... aku boleh tolong kecilkan... sedih2... tunggu lagi payment.... ikut hati nak aku sound balik kat datuk tu.. boleh tak saya buka balik apa yang saya pasang tadi.. then saya akan pasang biler masa datuk ada duit kecik.....( cuma aku kesian kat orang yang introduce kan aku... tu aku x mau cakap)