Sunday, May 15, 2005


When one comes to a forked road they see two paths
But for me I see infinite
But its's not their fault
This is a man made blindness
That keeps that one from seeing these paths.
Yet why do I see these two paths
Pictures burned in my mind forever to last
So I can never foreget the unforgettable past
Oh no wait
I'm moving to fast
To late hit the center already crashed.
To most a picture is speachless
Words of frozen memories
Though to me mermoried are nothing
But more things that
I need to forget
In order for me to move forward
However if I move in this particular path
The aftermath can be
That of which I can't afford.
But look
Someone's waiting for me down one of the paths
And he's grinning
So do I go down to this path
Towards a man
With a grin deeper than death
Or wait
So I move forward down that path
There's a calm
Then I hear the loud screams
Of my fallen clan
It's coming from this path
A path of lost
Friends and family
A path of 'What if's' and 'Could I have's?'
It opens my mind to the fact
That one needs regrets to motivate them
To move forward to go
Beyond for what they want
What they need.
On this path I will create my one peace
With vengeance, power and control
If the path of death
Is what I must choose
In order to live life
Then I will face it head on
As I walk into infinite.........

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