Monday, September 20, 2004

best nya ari ni...

masuk opis.. kul 1 tu... muahahaha bos siap tanye.. sihat tak.. hehehehehe baru dia tau.. sapa lagi boss. aku mai kul 1 muahahaha.. itu pun bersengkang bijik mata ngan member tarik cable network.. entah apa entah lah wiring ni .. menyusahkan betul.... dah macam Anacondas cable ku tarik...

dapat email... sakit pankreas biler baca... ayat dia memang baik... macam ni ke nak ku jadikan bapak sendiri... muahahahaha

Optidigit policy on internet use

Usually, whatever a team-leader does, his team will also gradually start doing; it's a natural human tendency. Just to clarify what Steven is doing on his internet computer, and why, and why you shouldn't copy that too much:

1. Reading, answering and deleting email.
You can all do this of course, but he has more so we should all be doing less of it than him.

2. Browsing and other places for research, news, fun and inspiration
We all do this, and this is not only okay but beneficial.

3. Moderating
He's recently become a moderator there, which means he has to spend more time on CGTalk than us.

4. Judging at

5. Checking out the job applicants this has been a very time consuming one for the last couple days.

6. Talking to the guys in italy on MSN or email concerning the Anne Franke job

7. Writing tutorials, editing the website, etc
Occasionally very time consuming Of course there will be times when you wait for a render or when you need a break... just don't let it eat up too much of our precious production time.
You're free to stay as late as you want at night for browsing, gaming or anything else, but the daytime is our most productive time and we have to be a little careful with it.

Alain Zaugg Executive Producer / Co. Director
A n d r o i d b l u e s
The Virtual Talent Studio

kenapa mamat tu boleh... kita semua x leh.. dia Alien ker... x puas hati betul.. tapi the best part tak dok mention pasal Yahoo Messenger so.. boleh berYM.. muahahahaha so Syukran.. Amin.

ok nak gerak dah... NIC dah pasang Gigabit punyer........... harap lepas ni macam Bullet Train.. x mau lagi keretapi arang... hehehehehe..