Tuesday, August 24, 2004

layan borak ngan technical support...

Jimmy: Hello, e1
e1: hi jimmy..
Jimmy: Good afternoon..
e1: sorry just now, I'm chatting with chris
e1: good afternoon..
Jimmy: In summary..what u r looking 4 is a UPS that can powered yr 4 PC and can give abt 20 mins of backup time and
Jimmy: have auto-shutdown feature..right ?
e1: yes
e1: one more thing is there any smaller size
e1: because 5U is quite big maa
Jimmy: The UPSs that meet your reuirements requires external batteries so that is why they are a bit big..
Jimmy: How many Us can you spare in yr rack ?
e1: oic..
Jimmy: If there is not enough Us space in the rack, try to opt of a standing unit.
e1: ok if I want to add 5 PC more with 450W each one...can that UPS support to load it
Jimmy: Nope..if u add another 5 PCs.then u required a much higher Va capacity UPS,,eg A APC Silcon SL10 Kva UPS
Jimmy: However as yr va rating goes up, the UPS's electrical requirements also goes up..so in the example above
e1: oic
Jimmy: u required a 3 phase power supply..
Jimmy: This means u will hv a single UPS, controlling all the 10 PCs and will shutdown their O/S when power fails..
e1: i think I have an idea.. how about I just put the UPS on the top of the shelves
Jimmy: 1 big UPS to all..manage & supply power ..
e1: so my rack will be enough space..
e1: because stand unit can't fit my rack any more
e1: hehehehe
Jimmy: nope..strongly not recomemded ..the weight of the UPS is too much for yr rack..
e1: what is the weight?
Jimmy: It is very heavy..totally not recomemded at all..
e1: ok if I want to use that 5U.. what is the price...
Jimmy: If there isn't enough space, please buy a APC rack + the UPS to meet yr requirements ..
e1: and what is the model no.
Jimmy: For prices, please refer to our authorised resellers.
e1: just now u mentioned about the auto shutdown..
Jimmy: Yes..
e1: let say we have 4 PC so we must connect what type of Cable.. it's serial or USB
Jimmy: U can use either serial or UTP type.. either way, u required to get extra accessories..
e1: oooo
e1: so at the back of UPS have 4 port of serial or UTP port. is it?
Jimmy: For serial u need cables and AP9207...for network just the AP9617
e1: these cable come with UPS or.. buy separately
Jimmy: Buy separately..
e1: so all 4 PC must have 2 Network card if I want use network...
e1: so I need to buy 4 Serial in order to use auto shutdwon feature is it..
Jimmy: yES
Jimmy: no..if u use the network connectivity, only 1 NMC , AP9617 will do
e1: I'm confused..
e1: only one NMC...
e1: how about the rest of the PC
Jimmy: That NMC will communicate with the rest of yr PCs..thru network
e1: ooo
e1: so Only One PC need 2 NIC.. and the rest will connect in the LAN is it?
Jimmy: Npe..the NMC is slotted into the UPS and is then connnected to the network..
e1: oooo
e1: so that CAT5 cable will connect to Switch
e1: then we will control through LAN..
Jimmy: Yes, u r right ..
e1: so how about the IP..
Jimmy: When u get the card, the manual will guide u on how to use & configure the card., etc
e1: ok...thanks for all you information
Jimmy: The user manual will also guide u on the card usage, configuration, etc so that u can use the card
e1: i will discuss with my boss first
e1: ok Thanks.. Bye.
Jimmy: You're most welcome..
Jimmy: Bye & hv a nice & productive day..
e1: ok BABAi..
Jimmy: bye..
e1: btw what is the model for that UPS
Jimmy: SU5000RMXLI
e1: I would like to ask the Price to reseller
e1: ok thanks
Jimmy: You're most welcome ahain ..
Jimmy: Bye

ni ler conversation ngan technical support.. punyer lama dia lag.. takkan pi beli makanan kut.. silap aku jugak pi borak ngan dia waktu lunch... tapi kalu ya.. lepas ni makan ler.. punyer hangin kejap tunggu dia reply... hehehehehe

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